Golf happens in the moment so make sure you capture it LIVE.

ContentLIVE Golf

We bring Golf to life with our revolutionary Live Stream approach by making it all about the players.

That doesn’t mean we shirk our responsibilities with the actual action, oh no, we love the game too and want to capture as much action as possible by allowing you to see what really goes during a tournament.

It means when you hire us, your players, fans, sponsors benefit from all of this: –

  • LIVE player interviews
  • LIVE Club promotion
  • LIVE sponsor plugs
  • LIVE on course action
  • Post-event full highlights video
  • Bite-size player interview clips sent over
  • Full analytical viewing figure report
  • Pre and post-event social media buildup
  • Potential sponsor contacts.

Here’s how it looks

How does it work?

It’s simple, we broadcast on the day LIVE via your social media pages, ours, the clubs, our sponsors, the pros if they want to, all in the name of getting as many eyeballs as possible.

As you can see from the image below, we generated quite a lot of interest.

Why go LIVE?

  • Enable people to be able to watch your tournament without being charged subscription fees.
  • Engaging, reactive content
  • Generate more sponsorship income
  • Give more exposure for your players
  • Give more exposure to your host club
  • Give more exposure to your tournament!
  • Gain valuable content assets unachievable any other way
  • Gain a media and marketing partner that works for you
  • Give more to your sponsors
  • Most importantly, give more to you

Who have we worked with?

So, what do you say?

Ready to take your Tour to the next level?

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