Here it is… The table everyone has been talking about.

With the undeniable importance of social media and with it creating your own social audience and fanbase, we took it on ourselves to list as many club racing series as we could find and document their Facebook following.

It is important to note we did not do this to point the finger, but rather highlight opportunities that may missed for race series to grow their own audience, create a bigger fanbase, and thus generate potentially more sponsorship, offer more value to current teams and drivers and ultimately communicate to a wider audience potentially leading to new drivers joining the grid.

Social Media Race Table

We also had to be quite strict with our criteria too.

For example:

  • A series only places on the table if they have their OWN Facebook page and are not part of an overall umbrella. To highlight this, several of the Caterham series social media presence comes under Caterham Cars itself and not their own series page so will feature with a zero following.
  • This is not to name and shame but to highlight the value of having your own identity.
  • For now, we have only focused on Facebook, but we will publish every quarter and will include YouTube in June’s edition
  • The numbers were taken at the end of March so will have changed a little since then.

We need your help

We appreciate there is a fair chance we have missed a number of series off this list, either through lack of knowledge on our part or we were simply unable to find your page.

If you cannot find your series in the list and you know you have a Facebook/YouTube presence, please contact Ian at with the series name and if you can links to the social media.

Also, if you would a separate copy of the table, drop Ian an email and he will get it sent out to you.

So, without further ado, here is the table:

2Lotus Cup Europe Championship59624
3British GT Championship34155
4Mini Challenge22416
5Civic Cup17935
6F4 British Championship17869
7BRDC British F3 Championship7690
9British Truck Racing Championship5720
10BritCar Endurance Championship5385
11Classic Touring Car Racing Club5095
12Motorsport News Circuit Rally Championship5043
13Alfa Romeo Championship4823
14Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb Challenge4712
15British Hill Climb4654
16C1 Challenge4307
17Fun Cup4087
18Nankang Tyre BMW Compact Cup3989
19Mighty Minis3913
20Junior Saloon Car Championship3616
21GT Cup Championship3610
22Classic 2CV3322
23Toyota MR2 Championship3107
24Pickup Truck Racing Championship3061
25Kumho BMW Championship2825
26Ginetta Junior Championship2787
27Hot Hatch Championship2596
28Harewood Speed Hill Climb Championship2398
29Clio 182 Championship2332
30MSVT Trackday Trophy2331
31Legends Car National Championship2259
32Z Cars and new generation production BMW Championship2208
34Avon Tyres National Formula Ford Championship2029
35Avon Tyres Northern and super classic Formula Ford Champio2029
36Club Enduro2026
37Roadsports Series1941
38Birkett Relay Race1916
39Porsche Sprint Challenge GB1780
40Bernie’s SR & V81763
42BRSCC Fiesta Junior Championship1704
43MX-5 Cup Championship1635
44Carbon 8 Hyundai Coupe Cup1634
45MG Trophy Championship1619
46Porsche Club Championship1581
47116 Trophy1559
48Track Attack Race Club1552
49BMW Car Club Racing1523
50Max5 Racing Championship1506
51CALM All Porsche Trophy1469
52BRSCC Mazda MX-5 Supercup1464
53MSVT Trackday Championship1452
54CityCar Cup1442
55Formula Vee1442
56Focus Cup1411
57Caterham Graduates Racing Club1397
58Classic Stock Hatch1397
59Locost Championship1382
60Sports 10001371
61Type R Trophy1370
62Triple M Racing1370
63Sport Specials1335
64Modified Ford Series1330
65MK2 Golf GTI1277
66BRSCC Fiesta Championship1264
67Sports 20001250
68Bikesports Championship1216
69Monoposte Championship1199
70Clubman Sports Prototype Championship1187
71Ginetta GT4 SuperCup1122
72British Super Kart Championship1048
73Lotus Cup UK Speed Championship1029
74Equipe GTS1013
75Toyo Tires Racing Saloons990
76Toyo Tires 7 Race Series911
77MG Metro Cup907
78Historic 750 Formula877
79MSVR Elise Trophy Championship867
80750 Formula840
81Armed Forces Challenge829
82MSV SuperCup758
83Production Golf and BMW Championship755
84Lancaster Insurance MG owners Club Championship751
85Ma7da Championship749
86MG Cup727
87BRSCC Clubsport Trophy656
88ETSL ST-XR Challenge615
89Sports Prototype Cup604
90Midget and Sprite Challenge538
91Classic and Modern Motorsport Club523
92BRSCC Mazda MX-5 Clubman Championship304
93BCV8 Championship262
94AMOC Intermarque Championship245
95Zeo Proto Series92
 MINI Challenge Trophy0
 CTCRC Jaguar enthusiatsts0
 CNC Heads/saloon Car Championship0
 Porsche Carrera Cup0
 CCRC FF1600 Championship0
 F3 Cup Championship0
 Heritage Formula Ford0
 BARC connaught Speed Championship0
 Caterham Academy Championship0
 Caterham seven 310R Championship0
 BRSCC Mazda MX-5 MK4 Trophy0
 Ginetta GT5 Challenge0
 Ginetta G40 Cup0
 Ginetta GT Academy0
 911 Challenge0
 Champion of Brands0
 Ferrari Challenge0
 Radical Challenge Championship0
 MSVR All-corners0
 Radical SR1 Cup Championship0
 Cockshot Cup0
 Iconic 50’s0
 CCRC Saloon Car Championship0
 CCRC GT Championship0
 AMOC Aston Martin GT4 Challenge0
 AMOC GT Challenge0
 AMOC Innes Ireland Cup0
 AMOC Jack Fairman Cup0
 AMOC Pre-War Team Challenge0
 Caterham Roadsport Championship0
 Caterham Seven 270R Championship0
 Caterham Seven UK Championship0

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