Sunday 11th April sees MSVT’s Trackday Championship and Trackday Championship ROAR back into action for the season opener at Donington Park in what is already one of the most eagerly anticipated weekends with every team, driver, marshal, and organiser keen to get back into the swing of things.

The all-action day at Donington promises to be a feast of motorsport excitement and we at MySuperCar are DELIGHTED to announce that we will be bringing our revolutionary ‘F1 Style Media to the Club Circuit’ style broadcasting to both the TDT and TDC.

TDC & TDT LIVE at Donington Park

What it means is you will be able to view the action LIVE of both qualifying sessions with full commentary, all the races, but perhaps more exciting, our rip-roaring paddock walks and behind the scenes content allowing you to get closer to the action than any other broadcaster allows you to get.

Fan engagement is also a big part of what we do and that means you can interact with us LIVE by asking us questions, asking us to go speak to certain drivers or request special features. Our flexibility allows us to tailor make the content to give you, the viewer the best possible live motorsport experience.

How do I watch?

The best place to watch all of our LIVE motorsport in 2021 is head over to our brand-new social media Live sports channel: Live Sport Now on either Facebook, YouTube or Twitch.

Live Sport Now Facebook

Live Sport Now YouTube

Live Sport Now Twitch

We will be LIVE starting with the opening qualifying session and then throughout the day to keep you up to date with all the action and a real look behind the scenes.

Live Sport Now and Donington

Want to find out more about the Trackday Trophy? Then click HERE or for more info about the Trackday Championship click HERE.

Want to ask us a question or want to book us? Simply fill out the form below or email and we will get straight back to you.

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