To those of you that we had on our Drive Time show, one question we asked throughout was – WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE TRACK?

Now, as you would expect, the answers were varied although there were three tracks that stood head and shoulders above the rest.

So, without further ado, which are the top three favourite tracks in club Motorsport today?

3rd – Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

Favourite Track

Okay, it may not be located in the British Isles but that matters not, after all, the question was open to any track across the globe.

Belgium’s Spa was a simple choice for many, and it is no surprise to see it in the top three as Spa is a firm favourite of many.

The circuit is also close enough that many UK race series visit it each year including BritCar.

2nd – Brands Hatch

Ah my personal favourite, I still get a buzz every time I drive into Brands Hatch and it has proven a popular choice among many racers in the UK and it is no surprise.

We have kept Brands as an overall venue rather than split it via the Indy and GP circuit because let’s be honest, if you love one, you love the other too.

1st – Cadwell Park

Cadwell Park may take us about six days to drive too from Berkshire, but my word is it worth it.

I will never forget the first time I turned up for the EnduroKA six-hour endurance race and I didn’t want to leave.

However, we must point out, although a majority of people said Cadwell was their favourite track, we must add that a large portion did say it wasn’t necessarily their favourite to race on, rather just drive on.

Notable mention

We must give a mention to Donington Park as it only just missed out on the top three by a single vote!

So, do you agree with the top three? Let us know your top three favourite tracks you have driven by filling out the form below.

We’d love to hear from you!

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