Despite lockdown, we have been working pretty hard behind the scenes here at ContentLIVE developing new live stream capabilities that come with opportunities like never before.

Now, we are delighted to announce we have a broadcast studio capable of providing you with your very own professional LIVE shopping/product launch show.

Sounds pretty good right? But what does that actually mean for you?

We know how hard you work to build your business because we are in the same boat. That means as a business, you know how important it is to market yourself to the right audience and engage with your customer base.

Now, with your own online show, you can show product, interact with customers and even take orders as you are LIVE on air.

Why go LIVE?

The way consumers purchase product and consume content has changed dramatically during lockdown but even before COVID-19, the shift had changed.

For example, in a report, 80% of consumers would rather watch a live stream than read a blog.

Also, at the beginning of the year, according to Go-Globe, Video streaming is expected to account for 82% of all Internet traffic in 2020 – due to the current situation, it means this is likely to be even higher.

Retail show
Live video captures the consumers imagination

Consumers have also been shown to watch live video 10-20 times longer than on-demand content meaning you are going to get to show off more products and have your customers attention for much longer which in turn will equal more sales.

We really could go on, but I am sure you have the point by now.

How does the show work?

We will manage and produce everything for you.

We aim for a 30-minute show to maintain excitement and to be able to plan the show accordingly.

Prior to the show we would need you to send us photo and video assets (if you have them) of the products you want to showcase during the live broadcast as we can show them on the screen and even play video as the LIVE broadcast is happening.

Naturally, its your show so it would be great for you to be on screen and you can either host it by yourself, with a business partner, friend, or with Ian (our host) to help guide the show along.

We broadcast the show to your social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, as well as a few platforms from us such as ContentLIVE and Responsive Reality, but it is important to remember this is all about your target audience which is why it is vital we broadcast out to your channels as they are already your fans and will likely interact and purchase from you.

Talking of interacting, that is exactly what we do during the broadcast, we can see comments and interact with your audience LIVE and lead in with questions from your consumers for you and take bookings.

The studio is totally interactive, and we will handle everything for you – check out a show we did with Tinkers Gifts…

How much does it cost?

Its just £25 for a half-hour show!

That means you get:

  • Pre-promotion assets to advertise the show
  • Fully managed LIVE production
  • Host/co-host if you want one
  • Content downloaded and sent to you in video format post-show
  • An analytical report detailing viewing figures.

No matter what you sell, no matter what you showcase, your own show is THE way to talk to your audience.

So, what do you say? Want to transform the way your business is perceived and interact with your customers like never before?

Fill out your details below and we will get straight back to you to arrange a time slot.

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