All this week we have been having a great time chatting to loads of you via video call talking all things motorsport and learning loads about you do in this magnificent sport.

Our Drive Time show started as an idea to get people talking about what they love and so far it has been a real hit.

It has even gone global with interviews having taken place both here in the UK, India and the United States – oh yeah!

We have learned all about Drifting, Hill Climb Racing, Education, Club Racing, you name it, we have spoken about it and had plenty of laughs along the way to.

The idea behind the Drive Time show is to bring the motorsport community together and bring a smile to these troubled times and a chance for everyone to showcase themselves in their own video.

Check out the first episode below where we caught up with Nick Holmes for Club Racing UK to find out about his involvement in motorsport with a few laughs along the way…

We are bookings for next week and would LOVE to interview you too!

It only takes ten minutes or so, it’s totally free, and after the call, we will wrap up the video in a post edit, send it to you and publish it via our social media channels.

So, what do you say?

Want to give a shoutout to some sponsors? Want to give your series a plug? Want to chat all things motorsport and let the world know about you? Want to do all three? Then we want you!

Whether you are a marshal, seasoned racer, debutant, sim racer, organiser, involved through motorsport, or are just a motorsport nut, then fill out the form below and let’s get you booked in for a timeslot for your fun-filled very own Drive Time episode.

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