There is plenty of reasons to be feeling anxious at the moment so rather than dwelling on what we can’t control, we want to try and spread a little laughter over the coming weeks with what we do have control over.

Since we formed MySuperCar mid-way through 2018, the way the motorsport community has welcomed us with open arms as if we were family right from the off has moved us and motivates us to give our all every time we bring our cameras to an event.

As no racing can happen right now, we still have the ability to do what we do best and film some unique content giving everyone a look at motorsport in a different light and that is exactly what we want to do with you.

Motorsport community

Whether you are a driver, mechanic, series organisers, marshal, we want to interview you over video link.

We want to have some fun, find out about you, the series you are involved in, what makes you tick, give a shout out to sponsors, find out what your favourite pie is (because everyone loves pie right?), we just want to spread a little laughter and happiness in these troubled times and let you have your say on whatever you want.

We will then wrap the interview up in post edit, send it to you and then publish out for all the motorsport community and world to see.

So, what do you say? Want to spread a little laughter, wanna have some fun? Wanna plug some sponsors? Wanna get some awesome free content? AND do you wanna tell motorsport exactly who you are?

Then hit me up by filling out the form below and we’ll get ten minutes in the diary to conduct the Drive Time Motorsport Interview sooner rather than later.

Let’s pull together and spread some joy in motorsport when it needs it the most.


Ian Waterhouse

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