March 2020 – Berkshire

The season is fast approaching and we at MySuperCar are delighted to announce we have struck a deal to work closely with ASGUK in 2020.

ASGUK work with multiple sports teams, individual sportspeople, and organizers to raise their publicity and commercial opportunities and our partnership with ASGUK will see us deliver even more engaging content in both the motorsport and golf sectors as well as giving us another channel to broadcast from.

These are exciting times indeed with MySuperCar Co-founder Ian Waterhouse had this to say about partnering with ASGUK:

“There is a synergy between us and ASGUK as we both work to generate as much exposure as possible for sports people, teams and the series/organisers themselves.

With ASGUK’s network and our broadcasting capabilities, a relationship made complete sense as we can give ASGUK support athletes another platform and we can open up our broadcasts to an even larger audience. We can’t wait to get started”  

ASGUK Sporting Director Paul Coltman was equally thrilled to get going saying:

“ASGUK are delighted to be partnering with My Super Car and to be able to not only provide another platform for our support athletes but to open up the My Super Car broadcasts up to a brand-new wider audience of sporting and commercial viewers.”

The partnership will start immediately and will mean even more eyeballs, more exposure, and more engagement on sport throughout 2020 and beyond.

ASGUK and MySuperCar LIVE
Watch MySuperCar LIVE through ASGUK

Our revolutionary F1 Style Media to the Club Circuit changed the game in 2019 and is going even bigger in 2020.

Now you can take advantage by joining our Partner Program for the season ahead in either motorsport, golf, or both!

So, want to find out more about how partnering with MySuperCar can open up your sport to a wider audience? Then simply get in touch below.

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